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Hey You

Hey You Energy Cubes are the happy little chunks of healthiness that you’ve been waiting for! A brand new range of oat-based snacks for children that are filling and nutritious and what’s even better is they taste like a treat, so kids love them! Perfect popped in packed lunches, munching on after school activities, before and after being awesome at sport, on boring car journeys and anywhere else you might need to refuel tired bodies and minds…

Hey You Foods is based in Penn, Bucks. It was started by two mums, with the aim of creating nutritious snacks from natural ingredients that taste delicious.

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Cook Meals

Even good cooks enjoy a night off. Since 1997, COOK have been reinventing the ready meal, preparing food by hand from carefully sourced ingredients, just like you would at home, so everything looks and tastes homemade. They cook from frozen, too, so you can have a gourmet menu at your fingertips. Come and browse the Great Taste Award-winning range of their meals, including everything from British classics to authentic curries…

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Cawston Press

Since 1986 Cawston Press has been pressing fruit to create the finest juices. They really know their apples so only choose the best-tasting varieties at the peak of their ripeness to create delicious all-natural blends with absolutely nothing artificial added.

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Dinton Farm Eggs

Dinton Farm eggs come from a family farm in the heart of rural Buckinghamshire. For over 20 years, Nigel Williams and his family have been producing these delicious free range eggs. Freshness and welfare are of key importance. Freshness, because these eggs are collected every day and despatched as soon as they are packed. Welfare, because this is – and has always been – at the top of Nigel’s agenda. By day, his hens roam around in grassy meadows dotted with shady trees. Hens are woodland creatures, so the trees allow them to enjoy the most natural possible environment. At night, they roost in spacious barns, designed to enhance every aspect of their welfare. When you open the box, you’ll see eggs with smooth brown shells. Crack them open, and you’ll be rewarded with rich, golden yolks. The consistently delicious flavour of Dinton Farm eggs has made them a firm favourite – on their own, for breakfast, or as a cooking ingredient. You really can taste the difference.

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Fatherson Bakery

Founded in 2007 by two fathers and two sons, Warwickshire’s Fatherson Bakery uses traditional baking methods and the finest ingredients to create delicious, award-winning, handmade cakes, muffins and pies, that easily live up to their motto “A taste of homemade”.

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Laceys Family Farm

Laceys Family Farm - are now into their 7th generation carrying on a passion for local farming and preserving the beautiful countryside in South Bucks. Their beautiful herd of pedigree Guernsey cows produce milk of the highest quality with all the taste and health benefits of its type which we use to offer a range of dairy products under the Laceys Family Farm brand.

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Rebellion Brewery

The launch of the Rebellion Beer Company, in 1993, marked the revival of Marlow’s illustrious brewing tradition dating back over 240 years. The town’s position in the chalky Chiltern Hills means that the local water used for brewing is high in the minerals and salts essential for producing high quality and distinctive traditional beer.

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Tims Dairy

Local, multi award-winning yogurt makers Tims Dairy produce a range of great tasting live and bio-live yogurts using fresh British milk and cream and only natural ingredients. The family business is based in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire. Their forefathers began making yogurt in London in 1949.

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